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Vamonos! - Location Based Texting

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Vamonos! is the premier automatic location-based messaging service. The app will let you create text messages that will send only when you trigger an assortment of location-based actions, such as entering or leaving any given location. Your friends, family, and co-workers will know exactly when you have arrived or left somewhere. All completely automated and battery friendly!


LOW-COST: Vamonos! is more than 10x less expensive than alternative services at only $0.99 for 50 messages!

ROUTINES: By setting up routines, you can create messages that will send to the same contacts, at the same time, every day. Without even opening the app, you are able to message your contacts just by simply carrying your phone with you.

LOW BATTERY USAGE: Since Vamonos! doesn’t use GPS to identify your location, you never have to worry about your phone’s battery dying while using the app.

VERIFIED LOCATIONS: Worried about where your children are? Vamonos! can be set to specifically send the exact location of a user when they arrive to or leave from a certain location, still without wasting additional battery life.
LATE ALERTS: Working late or stuck in traffic? Vamonos! lets you automatically send messages if you stay in a location past a certain time or if you dont reach a location by a certain time.

EASE OF USE: Your contacts’ information will be automatically imported into the app, making it simple and easy to message all of them. With a simple UI, youll have no excuse not to automate your messaging habits.

FAVORITES: You can save your favorite contacts and locations, making it even easier and faster to send location-based texts. 

FRIEND REFERRAL: Earn free credits by getting your friends to use Vamonos! too. 


Vamonos! will change the way you text. By using the app you will save valuable time and energy while keeping your contacts informed of where you are. 

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